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Goblin ( CD สกีนเต็มแผ่น )

Goblin  ( CD สกีนเต็มแผ่น )

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เพลงประกอบซีรีส์ Goblin OST Track Listing 1.Stay With Me Chan Yeol of EXO feat. Punch 2.My Eyes - 10cm 3.Hush - Lasse Lindh 4.Beautiful - Crush 5.You Are So Beautiful - Eddy Kim 6.Who Are You - Sam Kim 7.I Miss You - Soyou of SISTAR 8. First Snow - Jung Joon Il 9.I Will Go To You Like The First Snow - Ailee 10.Wish - Urban Zakapa 11.And I'm here - Kim Kyung Hee of April 2nd 12.Winter is coming - Han Soo Ji 13.Stuck in love - Kim Kyung Hee of April 2nd 14.Heaven - Roy Kim, Kim E-Z of Ggotjam Project 15.Love - Mamamoo 16. Round And Round - Heize feat. Han Soo Ji

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